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50+ TOOLS (linked)




Making your own animated movie -- this is much more advanced than most of the tools provided, but I loved the video and wanted an excuse to add it to this wiki.

animoto.jpgfor education
Create and Publish
~ Publish powerpoints online to music; can also add narration track
~ Just be sure to test that PPT's are well centred and that they are not cut off by the software
~ The final videos can be downloaded.

Flickr toys, games, and utilities
There's too much to describe. You'll just have to take a look.

Make a picture talk
"Use the video conversion feature to edit your blabbers in programs like windows movie maker and have conversations with your Blabbers!"

Warning --avoid letting the kids use their own photos for this. It can be rather uncomplimentary.

Suumarize content

Play without registering or signing in.
What a great way to have students summarize the content of a book., research the author, and so forth.
~ Can be stored online or printed
~ Can also be developed collaboratively
  • Create colorful mind maps online
  • Share and work with friends
  • Embed your mind map in your blog or website
  • Email and print your mind map
  • Save your mind map as an image
art; fun

Play without registering or signing in.
Students can make their own wild selves and then write descriptions/directions to see if others can reproduce their images. If these are screen-captured, they'd make great images to put into Blabberize!
Timeline (informal)
~ Slideshows to which music can be added
~ Tour video

Lessons for kids in how to draw & animate
Cartoonster Animation Tutorials
Interactive game building templates; flash tools
"Classtools.net allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Host them on your own blog, website or intranet! No signup, no passwords, no charge!"

Huge collection; have the kids create the content for each other.
See Sue's blog
Math meets the world
Sometimes, complicated information is difficult to understand and needs an illustration. Graphs or charts can help impress people by getting your point across quickly and visually."
*Designed for students to use
  • For data type graphs
*Can enter data for up to 50 points.
*Has a tutorial students can follow
  • will do a scatter plot, but does not seem to add a line of best fit
Multimedia package
Great for group projects. Decide on topic. Divide the class into groups. Give each group a cube to fill. Make sure the final cube is for their bibliograpy. You can also store media this way for students to explore and unwrap themselves.

cigar_box.jpgCigar Box project


Communicate and Collaborate
~Choose a project. Find a partner. Experience the power of collaborative learning.
~ safe email

Make an interactive, multimedia poster
~Embed code provided for wikis, websites, and blogs
~Use "glogs" as a way to store content or as a creative tool for students to use directly.

includes sites that are about internet safetr
*Websites, games, and educational resources for PC or interactive whiteboard
  • Literacy, math, and more --both online and downloadable

*Topics include: literacty, math, and more
*From Australia
More about this in Sue's Blog


This video was stored in Photobucket which unlike Flickr or Picassa will store videos and give you back embed code.


(for younger kids)

Make a jeopardy game
Have the students create the questions and the answers. Compile them and play last thing on a Friday when there's a test on Monday.
These 2 websites provide online games.
There are also downloadable
PPT templates are available at
Project-based learning
~collaborate to track the path of the monarchs as they migrate from Mexico to Alask
~the data collected is added to the scientific data base
A collection of creative tools, but beware -- not everything is free!!

Play without registering or signing in.
Kerpoof doesn't come with a manual or a directory or a map. If we've done our job right, then finding your way to the various nooks and crannies of Kerpoof will be half the fun."

Blogging made easy; no student registration required

This tool is free now, but I suspect that some time it will have paid features added.
This entry is for Leslie (Lesley?) in the "Give Lesson a Makeover" session who asked a good blogging site for students. I've just found this one. It's not fancy but does the job of letting kids get their ideas up where others can read and respond.

  1. Teachers have administrative control over all student blogs and student accounts.
  2. Your students' blogs are private by default - viewable only by classmates and the teacher.
  3. For "semi-public" blogs, set up guest (e.g. parent) accounts that require a password to view students' posts/comments.
  4. Comment privacy settings block unsolicited comments from outside sources.
  5. Kidblog does not collect any personal information from teachers or students.
  • No advertising of any kind.
  • Simple login menus allow students to select their name from a list of students in the class, eliminating the need to memorize usernames.
  • Clutter-free design means your students will spend less time fussing with widgets/options and more time publishing.
  • Central blog directory and simple navigation links make it easy for students to find classmates' blogs.

Here's a link to a grade 5 class I found in the News section: http://kidblog.org/mrskolbertsclass/

This is where all the links are to sample blogs and pieces written by and for teachers.
Videos for kids
"Kideos is the premier destination for kids to safely watch videos online. Each video on Kideos has been screened by our Video Advisory Council before it makes it onto our site. Our goal is to empower parents to feel comfortable allowing their child to spend time on Kideos, while also making sure children have a thoroughly entertaining experience."

~ Searchable by age and interest.
~ If you register, you can set up a custom video list.
~ I did not see embed code.
Links to other sources of 'kid-safe' resources.
Play without registering or signing in.
"You can select from one of our spelling lists, or create your own. Custom spelling lists can be saved, and linked to from a classroom website. Once you have selected a list, play one of our many free spelling games listed to the right."
3 levels of games; 6000 existing lists -- loads of interactive fun
Safe web browser for students
Must be downloaded; only basic version is free

Quick Look at KidZui from Tod Baker on Vimeo.

More informative video from Common Sense Media
ESL/EAL learners
~ The Kindersite has 1,000s of links to the best games, songs and stories for young children.
~ Registration is tightly monitored.
Children's Directory
Teacher resource collection; students build scrapbooks or portfolios
Collect resources together in one place like a scrapbook or binder


Play without registering or signing in.
~ Play with pre-recorded tracks and mix your own music
~ Can play online or download the tool

I've installed their widget on the left so you can play.

Story-telling with cartoon figures

Play without registering or signing in.
~ Create a Book with up to 5 chapters, each of which can have many frames/storyboards
~ Can also add audio files

This looks like it was created by the same people who are behind Discovery/Museum Box.
Lots of interactive content
~ Subscribe to get their magazine and whiteboard resources
~ Click on the Little Kid and Kid links on the right to get to the free resources
~ Students have to register for the "My Page" function but they should be able to use your classroom G-Mail account for this -- I have not tested this out -- or you could register a classroom page using a little subterfuge!

~online sketch pad gives different colours and textures
~when saved and replayed from the gallery, it shows the sketch being created
~embed code is provided to help post to blog, wiki, or wbsite

Creative writing
~ Pick a picture and add some words either by choosing from the list or typing "freestyle".
~ Helpful skills development information for students:
Story-telling in words and images

Play without registering or signing in.
pimpampum-booker.jpg pimpampum-bubblr.jpgpimpampum-phrasr.jpg
More in Sue's Course Blog

"Pinky Dinky Doo harnesses the power of television, print, and interactive media to promote reading and imaginative storytelling. To achieve this, Pinky invites children to participate in funny and fantastic stories, games, and songs that support critical early literacy skills."
Subscribe to the RSS feed for Pink's Podcasts (in I-Tunes) and they will be delivered to your classroom feedreader.
text to voice
Great proofreading tool. Also you can enter text and the students can listen as they words are read to them.

create games and quizes with their templates and your content
QuiaWeb requires a subscription -- very reasonable rate
except for the Shared Activities
IXLMath -- is wide open
Flash cards
Students build their own flashcards. When they are done, there are 5 ways to practice.

To see some of my students' work, go to <Find Flashcards> and type the name beau, rylan, celina, or anika in the search box. The look for the identifier <wrlc1wrlc2>.

More on Quizlet and other Flashcard builders in Sue's Blog.
Art; creativity
"Give any 5 year old a pen and a paper and see them create their own pets, friends, worlds, galaxies and stories. Shidonni is mimicking just that. In Shidonni, kids get their own online "pen and paper" to sketch animals. The moment they do, their creations come to life ‘virtually’. Kids can then create worlds for their animals, feed them, play with them and share them with their friends."
Slide show of grade 1 & 2 kids in a lab creating with Shidonni.

Interesting blog
display PPT online
When you upload to Slideboom, all the transitions and effects are preserved.
Also see Authorstream & PPT for Peace
see & hear spelling practice

Play without registering or signing in.
Tutorial videos are at: http://www.spellingcity.com/how-to-videos.html
Dead easy website builder
Think about the type of information you want to display. Select the best module for that. Drag and drop the modules into the order you like.

Advanced Users: look for Squidoo how-to's to learn how to customize and use a little HTML code.
This is one of my favourites.
Writing; teamwork
"Two (or more) people create a Storybird in a round robin fashion by writing their own text and inserting pictures. They then have the option of sharing their Storybird privately or publicly on the network. The final product can be printed (soon), watched on screen, played with like a toy, or shared through a worldwide library."

Storybird Quick Tour from Storybird on Vimeo.

Create an online book

Play without registering or signing in.
Flashy flash website with all sort of features that let students create and customize individual or classbooks online. It is also possible to have these published in hardcopy for a price.
Link to a sample student book on Dinosaurs.
Cartoon maker
~ Students can make up stories or use three panels to illustrate main ideas and key events
~ Can compile many ToonDoos into a single book and use embed code to display in wikis, blogs, or personal websites

To view ToonDoos that Debra's students have done, type <wrlc> into the search box.

~Sue's Blog
Grade 2 student illustrates ToonDoo.
YouTube for tots
"Totlol is a video website designed specifically for children. It is community moderated. It is constantly growing. It is powered by YouTube. The videos were submitted, screened and rated by parents. The selection is huge and if you like, you can participate too."
To even view these videos you have to sign up!
online spelling and math competitions

Play without registering or signing in.
~ Children must have a parent or guardian's approval to play.
~ They have awards and a Hall of Fame posted on the website.
Links to this where you must login to play.
Voice recorder

Play without registering or signing in.
Second language learners can record themselves and playback. The recordings are not stored.

Powered by Vocaroo

Create an avatar and make it talk

Make your pet talk -- you may have to resize the photo to fit the available mouths.
~ Use text to speech or recorded speeh
~ Ebed on website, blog, or wiki
~ Teachers often use these to leave verbal instructions on websites.

Interactive multimedia display and response tool.
This is probably the tool you've heard the most about.

Take the $10 one time fee to upgrade account to Pro; or school subscriptions if you want greater capacity for uploaded resources.

Note: you can no longer have many students working on the same VT at the same time, so you'll have to set up a station if you have 1 account or get the subscription and give each student access to their own.
Ed.VT manual: Getting Started in the Classroom
*collaborate with other educators:

Create stories linked to locations on a map. They can be one frame or a "walk."



K-higher ed wikis can be ad free if you apply

website builder
Fantastic flash effects with drag and drop ease.
See the one I did for our school at wrlcfamily.
Create Beautiful Word Clouds
make images out of groups of words

Play without registering or signing in.
~ Words that are repeated are more bold and larger.
~ Can enter a passage of text or your own words tocreate a wordle.
~ Can play with colour schemes and fonts
animation; storytelling
~make 3D animated movies
~ can convert text to an animation
More about this in Sue's Blog.

Aussie Content Websites

Content Area

Suggested Uses

Sample & Source

Social Studies
Students explore people and create their top10 list for contributors to Australian society.
oz tea\cher's digest