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Of Special Interest
From the Website
Betty's Instructional Technology
Betty of Atlantic City (elementary)
(not updated since 2008)
Free Resources from the Net for (Special Education)
Paul Hamilton (Canadian)
udl4all = Universal Design for Learning
Free Technology for Teachers
Richard Byrne
Kelley Tenkely
*resources for kids and teachers
*has very cool e-zines & helpful tutorials
Joe Wood
One interesting idea:
"After borrowing stealing a great idea
from an innovative teacher with whom weshould all have the pleasure of working, my students and I started creating an
online textbook in the form of a wiki.
Students are broken into groups and
each group is responsible for
a “chapter” based on one of the
California 8th Grade Science Standards.
Now students seem to prefer
“wiki work days” over anything else.
Our wiki has spawned conversations
not only about science, but Creative
Commons and basic HTML as well.
By April we should have a great review project for statewide testing.
Take a look at our work in progress."
"Somehow during the past three years I also became the go-to “tech expert” for my community of teachers. Originally, I thought maybe I just drew the shortest straw and no one told me what that meant. :-) Now, however I realize how fortunate my position is and I am grateful for every opportunity to share my new found knowledge. Every day I spend part of my time helping teachers learn how to use technology in their classroom to engage their 21st century students. Its a great adventure and in many ways I have learned more from them than I have probably taught. This blog is one of my attempts to share the latest and greatest with some of the hardest working educators I know. "
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day
Larry Ferlazzo
Mr. Young's Bouncy "A"
R. Scott Young's Classroom Website
Links to topics under these categories:
Science, Computer, Math, Social Studies, Reading, Language,
Spelling, Art, Music, Misc.
Open Thinking: rants and resources from an open educator
Alec Couros, Regina
"Over the past few years, I have
been collecting interesting Internet
videos that would be appropriate for
lessons and presentations, or
personal research, related to
technological and media literacy.
Here are 70+ videos organized into
various sub-categories.
These videos are of varying quality,
cross several genres, and are of
varied suitability for classroom use."
Can also link to his EdTecPosse podcasts
Teacher 2.0
The Clever Sheep
Rodd Lucier (Canadian)
Academic Integrity in the 21st Century
Questions for Consideration:
Where in the world is cheating commonplace?
So just how are kids 'cheating' in the 21st century?
If your tests and assignments are 'cheatable' who's to blame?