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Apr. 2011
Entrepreneurship Education Online Media from
Stanford, Cornell. and Harvard Business School


April 2011
Course Outline
Projects and Rubrics

"Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management will expose students to the issues entrepreneurs face, and the lessons learned from other successful entrepreneurs. It will also enable students to understand the skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur, to assess whether a business opportunity exists, to determine how to take maximum advantage of that opportunity, and to introduce the students to one of the most important tools necessary for success: the Business Plan

The focus of the course will be on the business plan and we will study the major components that go into the preparation of a business plan. Students will be required to develop an entrepreneurial business plan for their own business venture. To accomplish this, students will work toward gaining an understanding of production, marketing, finance, human resources, global competition, and social, environmental, and legal issues"
Apr. 2011
High school Entrepreneurship resources
List compiled by Brushy Fork Institute of Berea College
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Apr. 2011
Chris has several pages with useful resources. There may be some overlap.
"a website dedicated to giving young entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to succeed"
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Apr. 2011
101 Useful Resources for Online Entrepreneurs
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Apr. 2011
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April 2011