free "computer games and activities for elementary students ... created or approved by certified school teachers,... modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an interactive way for children to learn"

There are links to recommended
iDevice apps.
"Without needing to understand any computer language, classes can create an online island that other people can visit and explore."

To register, go to the FAQ page for the email address.

Apr10 from
"research-based and standards-aligned educational games that offer an innovative approach to teaching basic academic skills"

Sept.09 from Tracy Blazosky
*from the CDC Dept. of Health and Human Resources (US)
*up to date information on diseases, food & nutrition, physical activity, personal safety, your life and your body

Sept.09 from Aaron Dufour
Blogging is Elementary
Kim Cofino's article about how to get students blogging in grade 5.
Comprehensive approach includes: what is a high quality blog, what you don't reveal online, cyber-bullying, how to comment, making a blog and what you can add to it

British site about the brain

Education World: Virtual Museums
Exploratorium, Try Science, Educational Web Adventures
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Newseum

June09 Free Math Worksheets
Over 6000 free math worksheets (Pre-K to 6) with answer keys. They ask teachers to share theirs online

Jonathan Wylie
*Math and Reading Games for K-8
*Also web books, comics, and movies

Sept.09 from Pam Oliveira
Online games -- look like fun
others from Education World (written in 2003, so some links may not work)

arcade style game to learn multiples -- so great for times tables practice

Jonathan Wylie
  • from Scholastic
  • all about the Olympics

Sept.09 from Aaron Dufour
a news website for elementary level -- features many short news stories that can be read or listened to. These aren't hard breaking new stories, but tend to be education-related and global in nature.
iPhone, iPad,
iPod touch
Martha Lackey
*Websites, games, and educational resources for PC or interactive whiteboard
*Topics include: literacty, math, and more
*From Australia

Nov. 2011
homeschool_math.jpg is a comprehensive math resource site for homeschooling parents and teachers: find free worksheets, math ebooks for elementary grades, extensive link list of games, interactive tutorials & quizzes, curriculum guide, and math teaching help articles/lessons. The resources emphasize understanding of concepts instead of mechanical memorization of rules.

June 2010
Online typing games -- to improve keyboarding skills

Apr.10 from Tracy Blazosky
Mad Math Minutes is a great way to practice basic math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You pick the number of and types of problems that you want to practice. You may also choose the largest number used in a problem as well as the number of terms (numbers) used.

June 2010
Several languages including Latin

Sept.09 from Jennifer Koishal
Test prep, Test Quest, and Brian teasers for grades 1 to 6

Jonathan Wylie
"Our math lessons actively engage learners and provide in-depth instruction. Our math lessons were designed for grades 5 to 8, but many gifted younger and remedial older students benefit from our instruction. So our math lessons are ideal for learners of all ages and abilities! Read the terms and conditions for using our sample math lessons. Get our complete library of lessons on CD."

June 2010
Rod Pierce's has put together a collection of independent learning pages (with interactive questions) and games for K-12.
Samples: Who wants to be a millionaire? Cards Facing Up Brain training

Martha Lackey
"Here in The Math Machine you will find links to more than 50 online games that will help you teach and reinforce important math skills. Search the list below for games you might use with your whole class in your school’s computer lab, or you might schedule students to use these games on computers in your classroom computer center. These games make great “reward time” activities too. Thirty-six games are described below; you will find 25 more games listed in the sidebar on this page." (in Education World)

Math Snacks are short animations and mini–games designed to help learners "get it". Each snack presents a mathematical concept, particularly those addressed in grades 6, 7 and 8. Ideal for use in a classroom or on your own, they can even be placed on mobile devices for "homework". The accompanying print materials can assist learners in applying their conceptual understanding to math problems.

June 2010
"This site aims to bring collect together and order a range of free
resources discovered on the Internet, which can be used
for teaching Maths in elementary schools."

"Monster Exchange is designed to encourage the development of reading and writing skills while integrating Internet technology into the classroom curriculum. Classrooms from a variety of schools worldwide are paired together; the students in each classroom are split into groups, each of which designs an original picture of a monster. The students must then write a description of the monster. The partnered classes then exchange their descriptions via e-mail and the Internet."

Sept.09 from Jennifer Koishall
Free Interactive games -- a new one is added each month

Jonathan Wylie
Play Free Online Brain Games --Stretch Your Mental Muscle & Have Fun Doing It
ProProfs is dedicated to the mission of combining education and entertainment, providing free online puzzles, brain games, and other fun resources to get people actively involved in the learning process.

Apr10 from
  • videos
  • reading adventures
  • contests
  • games
Martha Lackey

Joy Thomas' Webquest activity: "You are part of a newly formed astronaut team. You and your partner will travel to a planet in our solar system. Once you get there your team will investigate the planet. You must gather information and make recommendations to the rest of the team about the planet."

Math, alphabet, vocabulary, memory, geography
You can npw create classroom pag, upload your own content, and a game will be created using that.

The games look fun but this website is loaded with advertising
Looks like it would work great on a table.
Nov. 2011
This project is meant to be a sample vehicle for teachers to deliver ideas for parents to continue at home.
*Topics include: colours, community helpers, counting, feelings, letters, numbers, position, scissor skills, season and time, shapes
*Could also be great for all day Kindergarten

ProProfs is dedicated to the mission of combining education and entertainment, providing free online puzzles, brain games, and other fun resources to get people actively involved in the learning process.

Also has free quizmaker, Flashcards, and Polls

June 2010
Spell Check: " Even the wordsmiths among us can struggle with spelling. Spell Check dares players not only to identify the misspelled word within a list of four choices, but to spell it correctly. Several sets of words are offered in each round of the game. Choose from the easy and hard levels, and "bee" ready for a challenge." (in Education World)

Interactive game to help students learn rhyming words

Apr.10 from Tracy Blazosky
softschool.jpg provides free math worksheets, free math games, grammar quizzes and free phonics worksheets and games. Worksheets and games are organized by grades and topics. These printable math and phonics worksheets are auto generated.

"SpellingCity is an online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun."

"dedicated to providing special publishing opportunities to students and schools. Our mission is to support teachers with special projects that help inspire the writer in all students. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and can learn the skills to tell it well"

June09 from Jennifer Koishal
Free math games
Adaptive -- questions become harder as students progress
Kids can play as guests

Note -- the $ hooks are (1) that the kids are enticed into buying clothes & (2) a teacher accounts that provide you student reports are by subscription

Mr.Ko in Edmodo
external image Screen-shot-2011-10-05-at-9.36.56-PM1.jpg
A wide vari­ety of children’s sto­ries, tales and fables read aloud by one of the sites cre­ators, Alan Scofield, who has an amaz­ing tal­ent for bring­ing the sto­ries alive.

Free if streamed, but cannot be downloaded -- must be purchased through iTunes or cdbaby
Yes for iDevices --but not free
3-12 -- I suspect there's a cost, but I can' find it

"Totlol is a video website designed specifically for children. It is community moderated. It is constantly growing. It is powered by YouTube. The videos were submitted, screened and rated by parents."

April 2010
Interactive spelling game

Apr.10 from Tracy Blazosky
Collections, Wikis, Blogs, Etc.

Betty's Instructional Tech. Blog
Be sure to check out these in the Blog & Websites section.**

Tracy Blazoski's wiki -- she's the Glogster Queen

Dec. 09

Dec. 09
"Math is a game, playing with ideas. This blog is about learning, teaching, and playing around with K-12 mathematics."

Today's entry is Hobbit Math (for grade 5's)

June 2010
Reading Teachers Online
*new location
*former location

Dec. 09
Maria Anderson blogs for math teachers

Transforming Math for Elementary Ed. These are the 5 things she makes everybody do. How many have you tried?
  1. Write a Learning Blog
  2. Build a Mindmap
  3. Give an Inquiry-Based Learning Presentation in class
  4. Create a Video for the Internet
  5. Create a Digital Portfolio to house their projects (this will be done by everyone last)

Teaching prime numbers and powers with scrabble tiles

June 2010

Yvonne Osborne's blog at Taylors Lakes Primary School near Melbourne -- great art ideas

June 2010
Mr Wylie's Class Website

Dec. 09