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Internet safety video for young children -- basics only
"As far as Inter­net safety videos go, this one is pretty generic, cov­er­ing the same ground as most sim­i­lar offer­ings such as, don’t talk to online strangers, don’t open or respond to unfa­mil­iar emails and don’t give out per­sonal infor­ma­tion. The video itself how­ever is very cute and engag­ing."

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For elementary kids and their parents
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  • social networks
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"Each of the top­ics con­tains an expla­na­tion out­lin­ing the threat, tips to fol­low and a video fea­tur­ing a young per­son. There is also a par­ent and teacher sec­tion with addi­tional activ­i­ties and resources."

John Goldsmith
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*Resources for adults and youth
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Started by a VP in a North York (Ontario, Canada) school

Their mission is to
"provide the best Internet safety resources for parents, educators and youth workers across North America & encourage proactive strategies for youth and online safety through education, discussion and community building.