Interactive Rubric Buildershared by Jonathan Mathews and others at the John A. Dutton e-Education Institutewhich is the learning design unit of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences at The Pennsylvania State University .
  • Feedback sheets can be generated for individual students or groups and then sent out by email.
  • NOTE at this point you will have to change the email addresses by hand
  • They could also be screencaptured and the images handed out to the students.
  • Oniy the online version is available at this time.

Link to the video which shows how it can be used.

"GradePad is an iPhone app for performance assessment. This mobile app comes with assessments on authentic skills: teamwork, interpersonal skills, as well as multimedia projects. The websiteincludes 50 other assessment rubrics .

NOTE form SueH: I do not advocate any software that is this pricey, but there are lots o helpful rubric prompts on the website's pages.
A fill in the blanks rubric maker
rubrics galore
SueH's Multi-purpose Project Rubric
I made this one and I think (except for possible typo's that may remain and please let me know if you find them!) that it's a nice piece of work. The idea is that you can either copy the lines you want into a new table or delete the parts that are not needed and save under a new name.
Harry G. Tuttle's Blog: Digital Age Assessment
" How do we assess students’ learning in these in Web 2.0 environments? We want to go beyond assessing the mere mechanics of using these tools; unfortunately, most current rubrics for Web 2.0 learning devote only a minuscule amount (usually 16% or less) to actual student academic learning."
  • Some of these are hard to read because he wants people to buy his book, but he has included a section for whoever is completing the rubric to give their evidence which is important feedback.
rubric-makers for K-12 in all subject areas