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Tools We Demonstrate
Uses & Comments
Use in Class
*mind mapping
*can be collaborative
*save online or print
*Build an overview/outline as you teach
*See what students recall from an earlier lesson

PowerPoint Jeopardy

*keep it short
*transitions must add to the meaning
*Change points values to 100, 200, 300.
*Students create questions (easy, medium, difficult) -- 100' have 1 hint; 200's -2 hints; 300's 3 hints
*Answers must be correct.
*Students can play individually or hook up the computer to a projector and play with the class
*great way to work on isolating main idea or key events
*can use symbolism to represent issues & ideas
*Summarise a historical event or problem in 3 frames

Expansion of the Universe
*multimedia presentation
*each student must pick a representative icon
*add comments (text, audio, video) in the bubbles
*Refer to Create & Publish Page for more links
*Instructional -- use one slide to illustrate one concept. Students can add a follow up slide with their own explanations. Math Cast
*Share student work -- photograph or scan student art work; they can explain their themes and methods
*Languages -- students can build a conversation around a picture or cartoon. They will rehearse until the get their pronunciation just right.

*can be posted online using Google Docs, kept on school's server or copied to students' thumb drives
*students struggle with writing because they do not understand structure or have a voice
*template provides structure and directions for content PLUS key sentences
so they can near what good writing should sound like
Essay writing
*easiest website builder
*all works with modules which slide it place and are ready to receive content
*designate a charity for the add contributions or keep it for a class fundraiser
*Instructional -- Midsummer Night's Dream
*Students build a website --
*Students can learn a little HTML code if they want to personalise
PPT for Peace
*only one slide
*preserves transitions
*must be original or CC images
*Great Remembrance Day project -- students must respect the guidelines re: copyright.
Project Wikis
*Students can make global connections to share work, get feedback, work collaboratively with students in other parts of the country or the world.
*Students can participate in global studies by collecting data and adding it to scientific databases.
*You can find another class to connect with an meet with them online using the district's Elluminate account.
*Great for second language practice.
*Familiarize yourself with how one of these could work by offering to be a judge in the Flat Classroom Project.
Discovery Box
*multimedia presentation tool
*the cube spins around
*can have from 1 cube to 3 layers with up to 6 cubes in each
*they will not register your school until they have received confirmation from the principal
*Divide students into groups -- they each have to do one cube on a topic for a class project. You can do the first cube in the box by creating an "Instructions Cube."
*Sample done for a Wilkes Instructional Media Project -->
What is the Value of Water?
Teacher's Domain
*a library of teaching resources
*you can have your own 'filing cabinet' to store any you choose
*Loads of rich Science resources: Students can locate a specific number of resources that interest them on a specific topic (eg. Space for grade 9. They can build a file, write a summary, and present their favourites to the class.
*social bookmarking
*install the toolbar on your computer at home and build lists of resources for students to use
*join groups and look at what others are bookmarking online
*look at my Big Returns list to see what new tools I've found
*no more tears bibliography
*choose the type of resource, fill in the form, submit
*it formats and alphabetises
*free version is MLA; to use APA the cost is about $10 US per year
*Can add annotations to specify what part of the project each goes with
*Can email, view online, or save as a word file
*I will no longer accept work that does not have one of these